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The first Cocker Spaniel came to my home in the autumn 1998. It was black bitch called 'Anja' (Ch Anabela Anja). With Anja starting my companionship with this lovely breed, first shows, first achievements.. She really made me realize the multiple qualities of the Cocker Spaniel. Anja was a typical representer of the breed with so cockery temperament and she has gained Champion title, but she wasn't my foundation bitch, so you cannot see her name in the pedigrees of Diskatia Cockers.

After four years, in 2002, I have found very exciting litter at Rijani's kennel by Int Ch Charbonnel Glenmartin out of Int Ch Instinct Life of Black Mirage. At that time these dogs were some of my favourites. I had the opportunity to choose puppy from that litter and my choice was black puppy bitch - 'Ziggy' (Ch Rijani's Comancha Coquette ). She will become my foundation bitch. Ziggy was lovely cocker, bitch of excellent type and temperament with many famous english bloodlines in her pedigree and she has gained her Champion title.

Kennel is officially registered in 2003. under the name Diskatia.

Ziggy gave birth to the first Diskatia litter sired by Ch Charbonnel Star Wars (Imp UK) at the end of 2003. From this litter I kept a black bitch 'Ginger' (Ch Diskatia Nectarine). Ginger was everything for me, my first Diskatia Cocker, my big love and pride, kind and loyal friend, so beautiful, clever girl. She didn't like the shows so much, anyway she made up to the Champion.
Her litter brother 'Balto' (Int Ch Diskatia Narrator) was successful show dog, International and Multinational Champiom, Double BIS Winner, Junior BIS Winner, Multiple Group Winner...

In 2006. Ginger has got her only litter by Int Ch Chataway Fox Mulder (Imp UK) and from that litter one black bitch stayed at the kennel - 'Dunja' (Int Ch Diskatia Nightfall).

Next year (2007.) from Gallinagos kennel came another black puppy bitch - 'Poppy'
(Ch Gallinagos Romance at Diskatia)

'Poppy' (Ch Gallinagos Romance at Diskatia) and Dunja's litter brother 'Maki' (Diskatia Newsmaker) produced the litter in 2008. Two of their puppies 'Anny' (Ch Diskatia Notability) & 'Buki' (Ch Diskatia Nabucco) have had some really nice wins!

Another lovely litter was born in November 2009. sired by Int Ch Gallinagos Smooth Operator out of our beloved 'Dunja' (Int Ch Diskatia Nightfall) and two bitches stayed at home - BISS winner 'Beka' (Int Ch Diskatia Nocturne) and her sister 'Quincie'
(Int Ch Diskatia November Night)

In December 2011. 'Dali' (Int Ch Helenwood Applause) has joined us!! Dali comes from world famous Helenwood kennels (bred by Jackie Marris Bray). He proved himself as a very good showdog and producer.

The first litter of 'Dali' (In Ch Ch Helenwood Applause) and 'Quincie' (Int Ch Diskatia November Night) was born in May 2012. and one black puppy bitch stayed at home - 'Dina' (Int Ch Diskatia Nitey Nite), a bitch of lovely type and temper..

'Dali' (Int Ch Helenwood Applause) and 'Beka' (Int Ch Diskatia Nocturne) produced a lovely litter in May 2015. and we kept a special one puppy bitch, a very first golden girl who stayed at home - 'Dora' (Int Ch Diskatia Niamh)!

'Quincie' (Int Ch Diskatia November Night) gave birth to her second litter in June 2016. sired by Ch Gallinagos Greatest Hit (black&tan), a litter of lovely female pups, we kept one of the golden bitches - 'Vida' (Int Ch Diskatia Nalini), a truly cuter :) ...

At the end of the summer 2017. 'Dina' (Int Ch Diskatia Nitey Nite) was mated to a lovely black dog, a big winner Int Ch Gallinagos Cause Nothing Compares, and we thought she was empty.. but what a nice surprise was she still gave to birth to ONE KNG-SIZE GOLDEN puppy bitch - it was endless happines and joy, so we got our lovely creature 'Dushka' (Int Ch Diskatia Neverending Joy). Her personality is amazing and it seems she will be our little future star - winning Baby BIS at her very first all breeds show at the age of 5 months!!! :)

Next litter was born in November 2017. sired by 'Dali' (Int Ch Helenwood Applause) out of 'Vida' (Int Ch Diskatia Nalini), a lovely golden litter of 3 males mad 3 females. Although we didn't plan to keep puppy dog from this litter one of them stole our hearts and stayed at home, for the fisrt time till now we kept puppy DOG - 'Gavrilo' (Int Ch Diskatia Nonchalant). So promising puppy in many ways!

From the litter born in December 2018. sired by Int Ch Gallinagos Cause Nothing Compares out of 'Vida' (Int Ch Diskatia Nalini) we kept a black bitch of so nice type and temperament - 'Emma' (Ch Diskatia Nemotion)

In May 2020. 'Dushka' (Int Ch Diskatia Neverending Joy) gave birth to lovely and our very first full home-bred litter sired by 'Gavrilo' (Int Ch Diskatia Nonchalant), so we kept from this combination a golden bitch - 'Iskra' (Int Ch Diskatia New Hope), who very quickly gained her Champ title!

Next keeper and team member is 'Nina' (Jun Ch Diskatia Neena)- sweet golden girl born in June 2021. sired by 'Dali' (Int Ch Helenwood Applause) out of 'Vida' (Int Ch Diskatia Nalini). She is a full sister (repeated mating) to my best dog 'Gavrilo' (Int Ch Diskatia Nonchalant)

In December 2021. from well known UK kennel 'Sharemead' arrived our new golden boy, a dog of great temper and type - 'Felix' (Jun Ch Sharemead Spartacus)

We got lovely litter of goleden pups in April 2022. from 'Dali' (Int Ch Helenwood Applause) and 'Dushka' (Int Ch Diskatia Neverending Joy)- so the keeper from this litter is super girl 'Neva' (Diskatia Neverending Applause)

'Gavrilo' (Int Ch Diskatia Nonchalant) and 'Dushka' (Int Ch Diskatia Neverending Joy) produced super litter od 9 golden pups in December 2022. - the keeper is girl Alice (Diskatia Neverland)

- Ivan -

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