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Some of my favourite pictures...

Dunja and me


Sweet creature :)

Gavrilo & Iskra at IDS Obrenovac 2021.

Dushka & Gavrilo

Gavrilo with his mom Vida

Dora & Dina

4 generations: Quincie, Dina, Dushka & Iskra

Little Medo & meda :)

Anny with her buddy Vlada

Their very first photo :)

Best friends - Dunja (left) & Poppy (right)

Proud mum with her daughter: Ginger & Dunja

L-R: Poppy, Quincie, Beka & Dunja THE BOSS :)

Girls: Dunja, Beka, Quincie & Poppy

What a gang :), photo: Sneza

Playiiiiing :)

Girls attack :)

Little Anny looking for her older kennel mates :), photo: Sneza

Dunja enjoys the snow

Something?? :), photo: Dina

Unwearving Nero, photo: Dina

Funny Kika, photo: Buda

Dunja & Poppy in flower field

Enjoying springtime

Poppy in the grass

Quincie & her very first trophy :)

Beka and proud me after her bigest win!

Little star Beka :)

One of the dearest photo with Beka

Medo's relaxing :), photo: Ena

Ginger at her favourite place :)

Kika at her very first b-day :)

Waaau, what a cake!.. Nero celebrates his 1st birthday, photo: Dina

Chupka is playing with something :), photo: Sneza

Maki with his favorite toy, photo: Nela

'Storm' :), photo: Lana

What a sad eyes - Poppy at 3 months, photo: Dusko

Dunja & Sava - The first posing to the camera

Little boy Nero in his deep dreams, photo: Dina

Ginger and autumn :)

The day I met Poppy

Me with Vedrana (left) and Anny (right), photo: Sneza

Anja, Ginger, Ziggy and me

Me with my two beauties Ziggy and Ginger

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